Soulja Boy “See what u get when u try to show broke boys love” : Soulja Boy Gets Robbed By GBE

Why oh why would a member of GBE steal Soulja Boy’s chain? I thought that they were cool with each other?? Well Glory Boys Entertainment and Soulja Boy are indeed beefing. Why?? Not certain as of yet. But it got real when one of the GBE members/associate by the name of Ballout robbed Soulja Boy of his Jesus Piece gold chain and posting a photo of it via Twitter.

Ballout even took a photo of himself wearing the chain and posted it on Instagram

What does Chief Keef have to say about all of this??? Apparantly he approves of Ballout’s actions by retweeting the photo of the stolen chains and then tweeting “All this fake ass jewelry” 

Goodness smh.

Soulja Boy decided to go to Twitter hours ago to talk about this eh….situation.

“Take a picture of the back of the chain if u so smart bitch @GBE_BALLOUT we not hiding come to secret Sundays 2nite see u there broke boy

“See what u get when u try to show broke boys love a nigga grabbing a fake chain that’s not urs while ur away from home lol smh fuck em”

You think the drama will stop here??? NOPE! Let’s see what happens next in the Soulja Boy and GBE soap opera.

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